Leading with Outcomes: Authorised Facilitator and Trainer Programmes

For practitioners in leadership, strategy, and change

Authorised Facilitator

The Authorised Leading with Outcomes Facilitator programme gives you everything you need to bring the tools of Leading with Outcomes into your workplace or practice. 

With the ability to customise them to your needs, you get to use our integrated workshop materials:

  • Agendashift Discovery workshops (using tools covered in the Foundation and Inside-out modules of the leading with outcomes curriculum)
  • Agendashift Assessment Debrief Workshops (as featured in Inside-out, for use with any of the assessments below)
  • Agendashift Outside-in Strategy Review workshops (as featured in the Outside-in module)

And with no usage charges or limitations on survey size, all the Agendashift assessment tools:

  • The Agendashift Delivery Assessment (as featured in Inside-out)
  • The Agendashift Outside-in Readiness Assessment (as featured in Outside-in)
  • The Deliberately Adaptive Organisation assessment (as featured in Adaptive Organisation)
  • The Right to Left assessment (for use with the book of the same name)


  • Convenient access to Agendashift's extensive library of Creative Commons-licensed materials
  • Access to communities for students (Circle) and practitioners (Circle and Slack)

 Authorised Trainer

All the benefits of the Facilitator programme and more! As an Academy-authorised Leading with Outcomes Trainer, you can deliver certified public or private training in the Leading with Outcomes curriculum:

  1. Leading with Outcomes: Foundation
  2. Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale 
  3. Inside-out Strategy: Fit for maximum impact
  4. Outside-in Strategy: Positioned for success 

We provide everything you need: 

  • The Academy's presentation materials and workbooks and the ability to customise them¬†
  • Authorisation to¬†use¬†the Academy's¬†video materials as much or as little as you wish¬†
  • Ability to generate certificates of completion (training) or participation (workshops)
  • Optionally, in¬†conjunction with the Affiliate programme or an Agendashift for Business¬†subscription, the means to run paid tutorials for cohort-based training, with you recognised on Academy-issued certificates as a co-instructor

Plus all the benefits of an Authorised Leading with Outcomes Facilitator:

  • Integrated workshop materials
  • Assessment tools
  • Community access

Programme prerequisites

Both programmes:

Authorised Leading with Outcomes Facilitator:

  •  A Leading with Outcomes Authorised Facilitator subscription (free for the first year), started within 12 months of TTT/F and maintained continuously 

Authorised Leading with Outcomes Trainer:

  • A Leading with Outcomes Authorised Trainer subscription started within 12 months of TTT/F and maintained continuously
  • Before teaching a module for the first time, certified completion of the Leading with Outcomes: Foundation module and (if different) the module you wish to teach, and for those modules, submission of your completed workbooks for review. You can do this online at the time of your choosing (it is a prerequisite neither to TTT/F nor to you subscribing).


  • Training materials to be used only for the purposes of certified training2
  • Customisation within agreed parameters is permitted and even encouraged, but attribution and copyright notices must be retained and displayed
  • Other Agendashift-related services are not to be represented as training

1To enable professional service firms and larger corporates to be self-sufficient, by prior agreement the TTT/F requirement may be waived for Agendashift for Business subscribers that maintain at least two Academy-trained trainers and the ability to manage their own trainer or facilitator onboarding.

2With regard to workshop materials, there is no requirement that trainers certify workshop participation. Facilitators who are not trainers don't have that facility.

Train-the-Trainer/Facilitator (TTT/F)

Four sessions of 3-4 hours, each with plenty of opportunity to reflect on the roles of leader, expert practitioner, and host:

Session 1. Foundation

The first chapter/session of Leading with Outcomes: Foundation and overviews of the other two sessions:

  • Being a leader in a transforming organisation
  • Introducing Leading with Outcomes – motivation, principles, key patterns
  • An experiential introduction to inside-out and outside-in strategy
  • Curriculum overview

 Sessions 2. and 3. Inside-out Strategy

Featuring many of our signature exercises, high-level (Discovery) and low-level (Exploration) passes through inside-out strategy with the Ideal, Obstacles, Outcomes (IdOO) and Right to Left patterns:

  • Celebration-5W, our context-capturing kickoff exercise
  • True North: Ideal and True North: Obstacles
  • Good Obstacle, Bad Obstacle
  • Our Clean Language-inspired coaching game 15-minute FOTO, in both Lite and Classic versions
  • The Agendashift Delivery Assessment and debrief
  • A selection of Mapping exercises
  • Ideation and experimentation
  • The Strategy Performance and Alignment Review

Session 4. Beyond Inside-out

  • Outside-in Strategy – overview, approach, leadership takeaways
  • Adaptive Organisation – key concepts, application, takeaways
  • Assessment administration and presentation
  • Certificate administration


Before you purchase your training:

As shown below, discounts vary according to your Academy subscription plan, and once you're trained, you'll need an Academy subscription to access the Facilitator or Trainer materials. We strongly recommend therefore that you purchase your subscription first:

You will find the relevant discount code on the What's included page of your plan's Welcome pack, which you'll find in your Academy library.

These discounts apply also to Academy-provided private training (eg an in-house TTT/F) and consultancy.

Base pricing before discounts (10-40% as described below) and VAT where applicable:

  • Train-the-Trainer / Facilitator (TTT/F): £825
  • Authorised Leading with Outcomes Facilitator: free for the first year after TTT/F, then £295 annually
  • Authorised Leading with Outcomes Trainer (includes Facilitator): £415 for the first year after TTT/F, then £695 annually


Sign up for a TTT/F event

Unless otherwise specified, training is conducted remotely.

Upcoming Train-the-Trainer / Facilitator events:

  • May 2023: Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (UK time), 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th, beginning 08:30 BST, 09:30 CEST
  • September 2023: Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons (UK time), 12th, 13th, 19th, and 20th, beginning 14:00 BST, 15:00 CEST, 9am EDT
  • December 2023, Bengaluru, India: 3-4 December, in person, with a special 50% discount on programme subscriptions
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“Very practical, highly participative – learning by doing. I can see so many opportunities to use the approach and tools in my work”

“You inspired people and got them talking – couldn’t have asked for more”

“Combines concepts I previously found challenging in a way that not only makes sense but is highly useful”

“I left motivated and confident enough to try these exercises the next day”

“Expertly and confidently helps you learn how to get from strategy to execution and back again”

“Intensely practical with solid theoretical foundations”

Brought to you by Agendashift Academy co-founder and three-time author Mike Burrows

 Mike's pioneering work in the pursuit of the wholehearted and deliberately adaptive organisation brings a needs-based and outcome-oriented perspective to leadership, strategy, and transformation.

Mike has real-world experience as a global leader in world-class organisations and clients in government, finance, industry, and the not-for-profit sectors.